Why should you consider using Pearl Nanotechnology Coatings?

After interviewing 100’s of very experienced detailers and listening to them tell us horror stories about how poorly many of these “other” ceramic coating products performed, plus all of the unnecessary drama they have to endure while building their business, we were compelled to do something about it. Some of these professionals had totally quit using coatings altogether, until we contacted them. They told us about not getting the results they saw on the glitzy, bling/ bling marketing campaign videos, the super high prices of the products and various business limitations that I will mention below. It is our opinion that the “other” ceramic auto body coatings on the market have failed in many ways. Pearlnanobase-1.pngFrom the way the products work and the way they conduct their businesses, to the wild claims they cannot or will not back up with data. I call it the “smoke and mirrors” of the ceramic coating industry.


We have solved many/ most/ all of these problems with our innovative nano coatings and customer-centered business concepts. After 20 years of business in the car care product realm and doing business in over 100 countries, we feel that we have what it takes to tackle this problem…so we did.
Did you know that many/most of the ceramic auto body coatings on the market are solvent-based, cannot be used in heat or humidity and smell terribly? Most of them also require special, air conditioned booths and very expensive heat lamps to cure the coatings. They also recommend 7-10 layers to become scratch resistant and charge the installers $200 to $400 per bottle. Many of these coating companies do not support their customers very well, yet require special training and certification before they will even sell the products to them. Did you know that many of the coating companies also dictate what the detailers charge per customer and impose other restrictions on them as well? This is all true.

The professional detailer has a tough enough job to begin with and does not need to deal with all of this drama. It is way too much for them to endure product failures, product confusion, multiple yearly price changes and other arbitrary, expensive and over-the-top requirements that only makes it more difficult for them to make a profit.
We have listened these compelling stories and continue to hear them on a dally basis. We saw a huge hole in the marketplace, where a better product with a better service can help 1000’s of detailers, wholesalers and importers create a better business…and we acted. The customers ultimately win as well, since they will have a high quality, high gloss, scratch resistant, super-hydrophobic auto body coating on their vehicles that will last for years.
How did we solve this huge problem? We have produced a line of ceramic auto body nano coating products that are non-solvent, easy to use, smells nice, cures fast, that are super glossy and super hydrophobic, plus we sell it at 1/2 to 1/4 the price of the top competitors. Once people find out about our product and have tested it, they are immediately hooked. They can charge what ever they want for their work and we will provide all of the product support and attention they need from us. 1000’s of former users of the “other” coating companies are now on the Pearl team and their businesses are making much more money. Our Pearl team grows every day around the globe and we want you on our team as well.


We are connecting with people who are:

  • Professional Auto, Boat or Aircraft Detailers.
  • Buyers/ Investors/ Wholesalers or International Importers.
  • Building a New Business using Ceramic/ Nano Coatings.
  • Adding Coatings to their list of Detailing Services.
  • Entrepreneurs who want the best Products to Sell & Promote.
  • Professional Commercial Cleaners & Building Maintainers.

Pearl Nano Coating Features:

  • Permanent Protection
  • Anti-dust & Anti-static, plus Anti-icing & Snow Capabilities
  • Anti-bacterial & Anti-mildew
  • Graffiti-Proof
  • Weather & UV Resistant
  • Super Hydrophobic & Hydrophilic
  • 100% Colorless & Optically Clear Nano-coating
  • Excellent Scratch Resistance & High Abrasion Resistance – Greater than 9H
  • Surface Applications: Metal, Marble, Granite, Glass, Plastic, Porcelain, Painted Surfaces, Ceramic & More!
  • Thermal Resistant (Higher than 300F)
  • Easy-To-Use, High Gloss, Non-toxic, Environmentally-Friendly Product Line

Source: http://www.pearlnano.com/


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