Pearl Nano Glass – Super Hydrophobic Window Coating

The Pearl Nano Glass is the world’s best performing and most durable protective aftermarket nano coating for glass surfaces! The multi- functional, ultra-thin, super-hydrophobic coating reduces dirt and dust accumulation. They simply slip off with the motion of the car. The pearl Nano Glass coating creates a scratch resistant, easy to clean surface. The Pearl Nano Glass coating protects the glass from erosion, and from stubborn salt spray staining and mineral deposits. This is a proven and reliable coating that can handle harsh conditions and extreme temperatures. Day and nighttime visibility is improved by enhancing the clarity of the glass. This is an important safety feature for the safety couscous.Pearlglass.pngThe Pearl Nano Glass Coating System provides superior protection with an ultra high gloss, and long lasting results! From 2-5 years of water and dirt repelling and water cleaning capabilities. The Pearl Nano Glass Coating products have been developed with the latest in nano technology science. The particles in this product are 1/billionth the size of a human hair. The science behind this is difficult to explain, but the performance of the products speak for itself. At Pearl, we continue to bring you the best of the best products. Products that you can use yourself or sell to others as a service or commodity.This glass window coating can be used on cars, trucks, boats, planes, shower doors, windows, mirrors and any other glass surface. It only bonds with clean glass, so it is very important to prep the glass very well beforehand. Using the Pearl Prep Cleaner / Primer before applying the Nano Glass coating is highly recommended. Ask us about the 1 Liter containers and our sample pack.

This a very high-tech coating that is especially designed for glass. It repels water and dirt, improving visibility all-round with maximum durability. It only bonds with glass.105511727_572

Pearl Nano Glass is designed to coat the glass surface with a very durable layer (7Mohs) that will help repel rain and dirt, making it much harder for these contaminants to adhere to the glass. They simply ‘slip off’ with the motion of the car.




BENEFITS of the Pearl Nano Glass:

  • Water sheets off with ease.
  • Enhances all-round visibility and safety while driving in daytime or nighttime.
  • The glass stays cleaner for longer and the ‘Showroom’ look is quickly returned with a simple wash-down or rain.
  • The hills and valleys of the glass are sealed, thus preventing dirt and salt crystals from degrading the glass.
  • This is a proven & tested product that provides the driver with improved vision & safety characteristics.
  • The extended longevity for up to 2-5 years, or more.

How does Pearl Nano Glass Window Coating work?

Pearl Nano Glass is a special, extremely hi-tech coating technology that is based on specially formulated colloidal sol gel materials that self-assemble into a mono-layer surface structure. The use of this wet chemical technology makes is a simple, low tech application process. Just wipe it on and it dries clear. The material bonds to the surface of the glass and the coating will self-assemble into an ultra-thin coating layer. The final coating layer’s thickness is in the Nano scale, and completely clear & invisible. The mono-layer structure gives the glass an extremely durable and super-hydrophobic effect. Being scratch resistance and dust reducing are added benefits to this amazing product.

This is a permanent coating. It is completely invisible and cannot be removed by water, chemical/ cleaning agents or with high pressure water. The extremely thin coating results in the lowest consumption rate (and therefore cost effectiveness) on the market. It can cover 400 M2 per 1-Liter.

Where is it used?

This is widely used on the windshields of automobiles, trucks, buses, trains and heavy equipment. It is also used on high-rise buildings to treat the exterior glass. It produces self-cleaning properties that can save millions of dollars per year on window cleaning.

In addition to commercial buildings, it is used in a wide range of commercial applications worldwide including cruise ships, banks, race cars, cranes and art galleriesPearlWindowTreatment.jpg

Pearl Nano Glass Coating: Black Bottle

1. Clean glass very well. The coating only bonds with clean glass.
2. Spray on the Pearl Glass Prep + Primer spray.
3. Wipe window with microfiber towel.
4. Drop 5-7 drops of the Pearl Nano Glass (black bottle) onto the microfiber sponge and the window glass.
5. Wipe the entire window with the mf sponge

Dries clear and lasts for years.12376312_987414294681196_8636238571129777481_n.jpg

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