Beading Perfection via Pearl Nano Hydrophobic Coatings

23 hours later, full Pearl Nano package on this 2015 Z28. Got the paint back to 95%, had a lot of really deep stuff from the drag strip. Going to a car show this Saturday so I actually have a couple hours of full car touch ups this morning.




Pearl Ceramic Hydrophobic Coatings

**Some of the benefits of having a Pearl Coating include*:

* Never wax or seal again.
* Easier to wash and keep clean.
* Hydrophobic, water repels off easily and quickly.
* Strong resistance to bug etching, sap, and bird droppings.
* Noticeable scratch resistance. Pearl Coatings have been independently at “Greater than 9H” hardness levels.
* Durable Protection. When purchasing a ceramic coating, you are locking in that new car appearance for years to come, thus increasing your vehicles overall value.

For more info visit  @


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