Pearl Nano Ceramic Coating – Detail by Mark Barger of Visual Pro Detailing


In this video I discuss how brand new cars roll off the car lot with NO protection whatsoever, and how to tell if your vehicle is protected.

Ready to get some durable, professional protection? Call Mark from Visual Pro Detailing at (618) 983-9706 or visit to schedule your Pearl Nano protective coating.

Pearl Ceramic Coatings

**Some of the benefits of having a Pearl Coating include*:

* Never wax or seal again.
* Easier to wash and keep clean.
* Hydrophobic, water repels off easily and quickly.
* Strong resistance to bug etching, sap, and bird droppings.
* Noticeable scratch resistance. Pearl Coatings have been independently at “Greater than 9H” hardness levels.
* Durable Protection. When purchasing a ceramic coating, you are locking in that new car appearance for years to come, thus increasing your vehicles overall value.

All coatings come with one step of machine polishing. If your vehicle is in need of additional paint correction prior to coating application, there will be additional charges.


For more info visit @


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