Pearl Nano Ceramic – TLC Auto Detail Calgary

Pearl Nano Automotive Paint Protection in Calgary

TLC Auto Detail Ltd in Calgary is proud to offer vehicle owners extensive paint protection services to help keep their investment safe from the elements. Improve the durability of your car, truck or SUV’s exterior with our comprehensive premium coating solutions.
Our ceramic coating package’s include the following 25-stage detailed wash, chemical & clay bar decontamination of any above surface bonded contaminants road oil, tree sap, brake dust, iron particles, and one stage of prime surface paint preparation & alcohol wiping to ensure proper bonding of the ceramic coating. The Pro+ ceramic coating process requires that we have your vehicle at our shop for a minimum of two days away from water to ensure proper curing.
Contact Us for Prompt & Professional Service
Whether you are looking for a complete cleaning of your car inside and out or just want your rims polished, we have the tools, knowledge and expertise to get the job done! All of our products and services are delivered with the utmost attention to detail.
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