Super-Hydrophobic Paint & Surface Protection Coating


Ceramic Protection

Your car is one of your biggest investments, so why not protect it? Professional Automotive Paint Coatings will give your vehicle a lifetime of protection and help to maintain its resale value. Its durability and water resistance will also protect your car from corrosion, oxidation, and extreme temperatures.



With the application of a Paint Coating, you will find that less upkeep is needed to maintain a like-new finish and shine on your vehicle. Since Pearl Nano Paint Coatings are also self-cleaning, the need for regular waxing will become a thing of the past.



Not only are vehicle Paint Coatings great for protection and ease of maintenance, they also preserve the gloss and shine of your vehicle. The ultra glossy finish and pristine condition of your vehicle is sure to impress when you’re out on the road.


Available now at Bulk International orders

Please note: We private label for other companies and can also private label for you as well. We provide custom-designed labels, boxes, applicators and branding that you can call your own. Low minimums and great prices. Visit now at


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