Pearl Nano Installers – Harms Motorsports Detailing

Want to see REAL RESULTS from our new PEARL NANO COATING system?? Check out these amazing after pictures on one of our customers service trucks. This is a WORK truck folks!!! Check out the picture perfect reflection in the paint, that’s pretty AWESOME!!!

The difference it made in applying this coating was huge and the protection this customer is going to get will add value to the vehicle.

Call Wes today for questions, pricing, or to make an appointment now! (618)316-3311



Harms Motorsports is  now CERTIFIED PEARL NANO INSTALLERS!!! What is a Pearl Nano coating? What does that mean for you?

~no need to wax your vehicle for up to 3 years.
~water will bead up and run off with ease.
~coatings are chemical resistant and will prevent etching from bird droppings and bugs. Easy removal and easy to clean.
~your vehicle will stay cleaner longer. You can hand wash and blow dry and see amazing results every time.
~glass coating, wheel coatings, and plastic coatings are available as well.
~bug barrier coatings available too.

Give Wes a call today for more information and pricing! (618)316-3311



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