Harms Motorsports Detailing – Sunsation Performance Offshore Powerboats


Another successful Premier Detail and Pearl Nano Coating!!! This client is ready for Memorial Day and a weekend of boating ☀️


It’s that time of year…. Time to get the boat ready and hit the water.


What’s all the hype about? Why do our clients decide to coat and detail their watercraft???

-We don’t just “clean” your boat we decontaminate it.
-We machine buff to remove scratches, swirl marks, and hazing to restore that showroom finish.
-Pearl Nano Coating provides a barrier against water stains, scum, oxidation, and chemicals
-Scratch and Scuff Resistance
-No need to wax your boat for up to 3 years(with proper maintenance)
-Ultimate Gloss and Shine
-Quick Clean up
-Reduce Drag

Give Wes a call today for questions, quotes, or to schedule your services. (618)383-5086

At Harms Motorsports, we take PRIDE in ALL your rides! For more info visit @ PearlNano.com


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