Premier Detail and Pearl Nano Coating


Another successful Premier Detail and Pearl Nano Coating!!! Check out the final finish on this!!! Beautiful!!!


It’s that time of year…. Time to get the boat ready and hit the water.

What’s all the hype about? Why do our clients decide to coat and detail their watercraft???


-We don’t just “clean” your boat we decontaminate it.
-We machine buff to remove scratches, swirl marks, and hazing to restore that showroom finish.
-Pearl Nano Coating provides a barrier against water stains, scum, oxidation, and chemicals
-Scratch and Scuff Resistance
-No need to wax your boat for up to 3 years(with proper maintenance)
-Ultimate Gloss and Shine
-Quick Clean up
-Reduce Drag


Give Wes a call today for questions, quotes, or to schedule your services. (618)383-5086

At Harms Motorsports, we take PRIDE in ALL your rides! – or Learn more at



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