Pearl Nano Installers – DLG Auto Detail


Do you want to see your car like new for many years? This is possible thanks to the Nano Ceramic Coatings of Pearl Nano

Nano Ceramic high resistance
5 years of protection

📌 Extreme brightness
📌 resistance to micro-washing
📌 dry drop resistance
📌 resistance to bird waste
📌 resistance against UV rays
📌 acid resistance
📌 Super Hydrophobia
📌 Ceramic in hoops (additional)
📌 loathing to dust and dirt
📌 protection of 5 years


Save up to 60 % water in every wash, you do not need to return to wax your car, you can wash in half the time, mirror brightness always.

We have the best Nano-Ceramic Technology, with packages ranging from 3, 5 and up to 7 years of protection.

We are DLG Auto Detail authorised installers of Pearl Nano Costa Ricafor the application of the pearl nano



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