Pearl Nano HD Ceramic – Autobody and Marine Coating

Joe from New Jersey called on Friday. He had polished and coated his entire boat earlier this year. The boat is worth over $1M USD. He told me that last year when he removed it from the water, it had barnacles and growth stuck everywhere on the bottom, the shafts and prop. It took days of scraping, sanding and cleaning to remove it. This year was a totally different story. He was so excited! He told me that since he had Pearl Nano HD coating covering his boat, it has been so easy to clean…all summer long. The bottom had a film on it and the shaft and props, but it wiped off with his finger. Nothing had grown on any of it and nothing stuck.
The Pearl Nano Glass had tossed off every drop of water and he could see much better when it rained or when the water splashed up. He also told me that at top speed, the engine could only reach 5000 RPM. After coating the boat, it now reaches 5500 RPM. Joe is very happy with the way the coating held up, the slickness and extremely glossiness it creates. Pictures of Joe’s boat will be posted asap. For more info Email: –



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