Calling All Detailers – Mini Cooper Received Pearl Nano Diamond Package

Pearl Nano Diamond Package, after three steps polishing with Pearl Nano V2 it was finished for 4 layers base coating, 4 layers top coating. #teamswedenlaholm #pearlnano #callingalldetailers #detailerswelcome#minicooper – –  

Reflections – The Mobile Car Detailing Experts – Doing a Great Job

Todays detail and ceramic coat. This mini looked dull and tired when we got it this morning, the trim was faded, patchy and water spots, vinyl looked the same. We gave the car our full detail, repaired around 20 stone chips and then finished it with a full ceramic coating. BASE & Pro for body, … Continue reading Reflections – The Mobile Car Detailing Experts – Doing a Great Job

Pearl Nano Certified Installers – Clean State Detailing from North Carolina

Thanks for stopping into the shop today @chandler.brent.lane it was nice meeting you and hope you are happy with the @pearlnano_ceramic_coatings @pearlnano . Stopback in anytime for a maintenance wash. #pearlnano #ceramiccoating #detailshop #rims #polish #hydrophobic #washing #trt – –

Pearl Nano Partners Tint World Boca Raton Florida with Alejandro Madera

An Amazing End result. Picture and work by Alejandro, from Pearl Nano Puerto Rico, at Tintworld HQ 2018. #pearlnano #florida #callingalldetailers Finished it. Thanks goes out to Alejandro and Will for their skilled workmanship. –

H&I Automotive Mesa – Amazing Brake Dust Remover for Wheels

Shout out to metal x! This stuff is amazing, how did I ever clean wheels before it? Cleaned, prep’d and coated with hd on full wheels and calipers – Perfection Metal X Brake Dust remover