Focus On The Details – 10 Year Old Dodge Amazing Gloss with Ceramic Coatings

This 10 year old Dodge has traveled all over the US. Needless to say, the paint wasn’t in the greatest condition. The truck was machine polished and then ceramic coated with Pearl Nano 💦 The trim was also ceramic coated to bring back the original color. Is your vehicle coated for winter?! 👀#focusonthedetails – –   Advertisements

Pearl Nano Installers – Chevy Coated by Focus On The Details

Why is it important to ceramic coat your vehicle? Our personal car sat out and was rained on all weekend up in Tahoe. Thanks to Pearl Nano ceramic coatings you can hardly tell the car is dirty, and will be a breeze to clean up. What are you waiting for, set up your ceramic coating job today! –… Continue reading Pearl Nano Installers – Chevy Coated by Focus On The Details

Focus on the Details – F150 Received Paint Correction and Nano Coatings

This new F150 was covered in water spots and had some minor swirl marks throughout the paint. It’s now cleaned up and protected with Pearl Nano Base coat for years of protection and easy cleanups. The aftermarket wheels were also ceramic coated, while the interior and engine bay were both cleaned up and protected –  

Pearl Nano Installers – Focus On The Details

This GMC Sierra received a 5 year Pear Nano ceramic coating application. The paint was washed, clayed, polished and then coated for years of easy cleanups and protection. The engine bay was also cleaned up and restored and the interior was given a detail as well. For more info visit @